The cDNA Resource Center seeks to further scientific discovery in human biology and pathology by providing full-length cDNA clones of human proteins involved in signal transduction processes.


The cDNA Resource Center is a service provided to the scientific community at large. The fee of $120 per clone reflects our costs for producing, verifying and distributing the clones.

The Center provides clones of human proteins that are:

1) full length

2) sequence verified

3) expression verified in most cases by coupled in vitro transcription/translation assays

4) propagated in a versatile vector with both bacterial and mammalian selection mechanisms

5) free of extraneous 3' and 5' untranslated regions

6) available in wild-type, epitope-tagged and common mutant forms (e.g., constitutively-active or dominant negative) whenever possible

Clones can be ordered from these web pages, by FAX or by phone. Clone documentation and availability are indicated in the catalog. All, clones are shipped within 24 hours of your order by courier delivery (Federal Express).

The clones are supplied solely for non-commercial research purposes. Details on use of the material are included on the Material Transfer Agreement that is available on this web site.

Clones are distributed in Invitrogen's pcDNA3.1+ vector.

The clones are provided as dried DNA (approximately 5.0 g) in a 0.5ml skirted screw-cap tube. Instructions for reconstituting the DNA are provided in the FAQ section.

Questions can be directed toward any Resource Center staff member at (570) 389-5358, Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM-4:30 PM, ET. You may also contact us by FAX at (570) 389-3037, or email cdna@bloomu.edu).

For more information, refer to the FAQ section.

cDNA Resource Center
400 East 2nd St
Bloomsburg University, 176 Hardline Science Center
Bloomsberg, PA 17815

TEL: (570) 389-5358
FAX: (570) 389-3037
e-MAIL: cdna@bloomu.edu
Web: http://www.cdna.org

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